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Check and compare your resume and job posting with our Free ATS Friendly Resume checker now. With our comprehensive resume keyword scanner, our AI powered ATS Resume Checker will definitely enhance your chances of getting filtered through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Why ATS Friendly Resume Checker?

Lengthy CVs and Resumes, with paragraphs to read through, are no longer helping you to get shortlisted. Around 95% of the top companies now use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter out the tons of resumes they get on daily basis.

Our FREE ATS Friendly Resume Checker allows you to check your resume against the job posting, before applying. Our AI powered ATS Scanner will go through the keywords, hard skills, soft skills and other requirements of the job description, and provide you with a comprehensive analysis. We have helped over 100,000 job seekers to get shortlisted and hired faster.

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Key Features

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Our Free ATS Resume Checker analyzes your resume against the job description, and extracts the keywords, hard skills, soft skills, educational qualifications, work experiences etc. This comprehensive ATS Resume analysis can be used to determine how you can improve your resume further.
  • Personalized Recommendations: We are giving you personalized recommendations, after scanning your resume against the job description, which will greatly enhance your resume.
  • Powerful AI Tools: Our AI Powered Resume writer, the Magic Resume Editor will be your personal resume writer throughout your Job Search. You can tailor your resume for every job you apply within few minutes.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Our ATS Checker comes with a simple User Interface. Simply drag and drop your resume, paste the job description, and our ATS Resume Checker will scan your resume instantly.
  • Real-time Score: Get your ATS-Friendly score instantly and find out how well your resume aligns with the Job Description. Our ATS Resume Checker ensures that your resume meets industry standards and best practices.
  • Free Checker: You can use our Free AI powered ATS Friendly Resume checker without any hidden charges. No Credit Card Required!

Magic Resume Editor

ATS Friendly Resume Editor

The AI Resume Writer

Powered by the latest GPT-4 and optimized with 10,000+ resumes written by our own Professional Resume Writers.

  • Keyword Optimization
  • AI Suggestions and Rephrasing
  • AI Cover Letter Generator
  • Realtime ATS Validation
  • Resume Formatting
  • Export to PDF
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Employers and Hiring Managers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter thousands of resumes they receive for a job posting. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) only filter the resumes with highest keyword match, which are considered as ATS Friendly resumes. To make sure your resume gets filtered, you need to optimize it for each job vacancy you apply.

If you are asked to apply through employer's job board, by uploading your resume in to an online form on a website, 99% of the time, the employer is using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It is always better to tailor, optimize and verify your resume with our ATS Scanner before applying to such vacancy.

Each Application Tracking System (ATS) has its own way of checking resumes. Some might not understand your resume if it's not formatted correctly. For an example, most ATS Software are not able to understand graphical elements, tables, columns etc., therefore, always avoid those when writing your resume. ATSFriendly.com ATS Checker tool can show you how well your resume matches with popular ATS software like iCIMS, Recruiterbox Lever, Greenhouse, and Taleo.

Yes. Every Applicant Tracking System (ATS) comes with an ATS scanner, which essentially scans the text on your resume. Then it extracts all keywords, skills, educational qualifications, work experiences, action verbs to see how well you match with the job description.

Therefore, it is essential that you have a tailored resume for each job vacancy you apply. Especially if you are applying for a highly competitive opening.

  • Customize your resume to the specific Job you are applying for.
  • Match the keywords with the skills found in the Job Description
  • Use long-form and acronym versions of keywords.
  • Do not use graphics, columns, tables, progress bars etc. They may look appealing, but ATS are not able to read those.
  • Use standard resume section headings (Introduction, Work Experience, Skills, Education)
  • Use a screen-friendly, traditional Font.
  • Scan you resume before applying, using an ATS Resume Checker.

ATSFriendly.com enhances your chances of getting shortlisted through Applicant Tracking System (ATS) minimum by 50% , while reducing the time you spend to find keywords on the job posting to optimize your resume.

Our fine-tuned Artificial Intelligence (AI) will extract all keywords, including hard (technical) skills, soft skills, action verbs, work experience requirements, job titles etc. from your resume and list down the missing ones for you. You can simply append missing keywords to your resume and apply for the job vacancy.

ATS Scanners will then score you as a top candidate, where your resume will finally come to the Hiring Managers desk, which will surely enhance your chances of landing at the first interview.

Based on our years of experience in Resume writing and Optimization, we built an AI-Powered Resume Editor, with realtime ATS validations. It can generate texts and suggestions based on the Job Description to tailor your resume to the each Job Vacancy you apply. Also, you can rephrase / rewrite your entire resume within seconds. You can export your resume to a PDF file, once all done.

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