How to write a Targeted Resume?

By Editorial Team on Jun 12, 2024, 9:31 AM
How to write a Targeted Resume?

A targeted resume is the first thing you need to pay attention when you are applying to a Job Vacancy. Simply put, Targeted Resume is a resume that is tailored to fit the specific job requirements of each position you apply for. Let’s dive through and see how it can be beneficial for you.

A targeted resume is written specifically to match a specific job opening. It highlights your skills and experience relevant to that position. In 2024, due to the highly competitive nature of the Job Market, it is cruicial that you tailor your resume for every position you apply. Not only in terms of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), but also when considering the human aspect of recruitments.

How to create a targeted resume?

Edit your resume / profile

Carefully go through the Job Description to identify the skills and experience required for the employer, and based on those, rewrite each section of your resume, emphasizing why you should be considered as a good fit. You can use the resume Summary / Introduction section also to highlight this further. It is a good idea to have a separate section called Skills to highlight your skills, so both Recruiters and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can easily filter you through.

Only list if it is absolutely relevant

You don’t need to add every job and every educational qualification you posses. When it comes to a resume, shorter the better.

For an example, if you are applying for a Software Engineering position, and if you have worked at a fast-food restaurant during your college days, do not include this fast-food experience unless there is a way to demonstrate the knowledge you have gained from fast-food restaurant is relevant to the Software Engineering position. (may be only if you are applying for a company that develop systems for fast-food restaurants)

Also, make sure that you emphasize your achievements throughout the resume, not just a list a responsibilities you were given.

If you still cannot decide what to include, go through the skills and experiences you identified during the previous step. It is always better to show that you have carefully gone through the Job Description before applying.

Check again before applying

After making the changes mentioned in previous two steps, make sure you have fully optmized your resume for the position you want.

Before submitting your resume to the Job Opening, if possible, have your friend or collegue to go through it, and make sure you included all relevant information. Check for typos, gramatical errors etc.

Magic Resume Editor for targed resumes

We know, the process we mentioned earlier takes lots of time. Thats why we introduced our Magic Resume Editor, which can be used to tailor your resume completely within few minutes.

You can scan your existing resume against the job description through our ATS Resume Checker and then click on Magic Resume Editor from the ATS Score page. You can identify missing keywords, rewrite existing content to match the Job Description with GPT-4 and many more.

Finally, you can download the resume as an ATS-compatible PDF. Also, you can generate a cover letter too, which will analyze job description and your tailored resume to generate a highly relevant cover letter.